A noticeable positive difference in our staff’s attitude, energy and eating habits

The SLS Healthy Lifestyle brought to Gardiner Realty has made a noticeable positive difference in our staff's attitude, energy and eating habits.  John and Mary-Ellen present a convincing case to eating and living healthy and it's very tasty and interesting – one that's easy to adopt.

We've gone from having a constant stream of sugar laden treats to healthy fruits and vegetables in our office.  On a personal note I am a 25 year Type I insulin dependent diabetic and over the 8 week corporate training program I've lost a fair bit of weight, feel much better, sleep better and most importantly have dropped my insulin requirement between 15% and 20%.  I've been a meat loving steak and burger 3-4 nights a week, pound of cheese a week individual who with John and Mary-Ellen's advice and guidance has found much healthier interesting foods to eat which in a very short timeframe has dramatically improved my well-being.  While I won't give up those meat/cheese treats completely instead of 3-5 times a week I've moved to 3-4 times a month.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their program or way of health to anyone – especially diabetics.

Lincoln Thompson, MBA - Broker/Owner, Royal LePage Gardiner Realty Corporate Health Coaching

Definitely improved my approach to food

I really enjoyed the introductory 4 classes of Let’s Cook. There was information, technique, references, hints, recipes and tons of fun, sharing and laughter and all of this in a warm comfortable Maritime kitchen!  You have changed my perspective towards food in general, its place in our lives and its relation to our physical and mental health. You have definitely improved my approach to food and my understanding of eating for the shorter and hopefully longer term.

Hugh Cooking Class

Exceptional fitness instructors

Mary Ellen and John are exceptional fitness instructors.  When I go to their classes, their excellent instruction, perfect form, encouragement, enthusiasm and energy motivate me to do my very best.

YMCA Fitness class participant Fitness Coaching

Going WFPB to help my wife helped me with my own stomach issues

When I began my journey into the Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle, I was doing it to help my wife stick to a healthy lifestyle that could help her Crohn’s Disease.  What I didn’t expect was that going WFPB would help me with my own stomach issues.  Within two months I felt my stomach pains slowly fade away; I found my excess weight melting away without any conscious effort (70 pounds in the past five months); my life changed for the better and I didn’t have to sacrifice things to be healthy.  As someone who is completely WFPB I would recommend the following steps along your journey:  Don’t pressure yourself, only you can control what you consume; no food is bad food, but some food doesn’t provide the nutrients your body needs to move forward; food is fuel, remember to refuel regularly so you can keep going throughout the day; and finally, squirrel away some snacks for you to have throughout the day, easiest way to combat midafternoon munchies is to be prepared.

It was difficult in the beginning to cut out certain foods, but once I did I found that the meals thick in dairy and meat did nothing but upset my stomach.  The pains of consuming non-WFPB weren’t worth the pleasure that it provided.  I’m so lucky to have moved towards a WFPB lifestyle, because I feel like I can finally live.

Tanner Sagouspe, MEM

I absolutely loved it!

I recently completed the 4 week "lets cook" program with SLS Health coaching and I absolutely loved it! I learned a lot and have been adding whole food recipes into my diet and eliminating processed food, meat and dairy. What a great experience from a fun, knowledgeable couple! It was great to learn healthy delicious meals are possible!! Highly recommend this program!

Linda Hartley Orchard Cooking Class

I am adding SLS to my list of life changing events

I am adding SLS to my list of life changing events.  Mary Ellen has shown me a path of wellness beyond anything I could have imagined.
Having a chronic auto immune disease has been challenging and limiting. The SLS program has improved my energy and completely cured my severe IBS.  I am stunned at the progress I am making every day and the energy I'm gaining.  I just wish I hadn't waited so long to dive into a plant based lifestyle. I'm really starting to get my life back!

Lesley Thomas Cooking Class

I appreciated Mary Ellen’s patience for the beginners in her class

I have been part of Mary Ellen’s Group Centergy class at the YMCA in Fredericton this past year.  I had not taken any classes prior, so appreciated her patience for the beginners in her class.  She also challenges the more advanced users, explains the movements and provides instructions in order to do them safely.  I found while taking her class my flexibility increased, and the joint stiffness I had first thing in the morning was no longer there.

Cheryl - YMCA Group Fitness Participant and YMCA member Fitness Coaching

I can’t say enough good about Mary-Ellen and John’s handling of the SLS Health Coaching process

I can’t say enough good about Mary-Ellen and John’s handling of the SLS Health Coaching process. We covered everything including how to deal positively with “eye rolling friends”, relaxation techniques, falling off the vegan wagon, reading ingredients labels, whole food sources and great recipes. We chopped together, cooked together and discussed the results. I haven’t felt this good in awhile. I have lost weight, have more energy, sleep better, joints are working better and have had a couple of pleasant surprises that I’m not going to discuss here. The whole foods plant based approach to eating isn’t a “fad diet” it is a life style that my wife and I are enjoying very much. Your body and the environment will thank you.

Mike Mesheau - Retired high school teacher 24 Hours to Amazing Health

I have my life back

I was recently diagnosed with Polyglandular Endocrinopathy Autoimmune Disease. With this diagnosis came a slew of difficult, persistent and debilitating symptoms and I thought my vibrant, passionate and energetic life was over. Thinking my only choice was heavy medications that lessened some symptoms but disrupted any quality of life, I was left feeling frustrated and hopeless. I remember reaching out to Mary-Ellen, just to pick her brain on a couple of things, as I knew she was a wealth of information on wellness. What happened next blew me away. Not only did Mary-Ellen empathize with my situation but stuck by me; checking in with me weekly, offering articles, viewpoints, tips and support. With the information this dynamic team have at their disposal has been a godsend for my health. I have my life back. Their passion is prevalent, their love for the planet is transparent, and they want people to live their best lives. I cannot thank them enough.

Lita Llewellyn One-on-one coaching

I now feel more peaceful and calm

The most noticeable difference I have encountered since switching to a whole food, plant based lifestyle 4 months ago (when I started the “24 Hours to Amazing Health” program) is that I now feel more peaceful and calm.  Before the switch, my digestive system would act up and this always seemed to lead to anxiety, discomfort, irritability, and fatigue. I had trouble with mood swings, blood sugar levels, and major food cravings.  I am happy to say that this has been the first autumn/winter without seasonal depression.  Cooking is fun again!  I can eat as much as I want … guilt free!  And it has been such a joy to tell friends about all the new recipes I’ve tasted.  I can’t wait to have more dinner parties!

Tina LeJeune - Restaurant owner 24 Hours to Amazing Health

I truly enjoyed the 4-week “Let’s Cook” cooking class

Thank you Mary-Ellen – I truly enjoyed the 4-week “Let’s Cook” cooking class… the class serves as a great motivator to making life-style changes and provides unique personal cooking tips you cannot get from a cook-book and/or an app. I found myself going home and trying what we learned / discussed in creating a few new dishes to add to our routine. All the recipes were delicious/nutritious  and easier to create than I anticipated. I recommend this class (and I have) to any one who wants to eat healthier and to start a healthier life style…Thank you. Plus losing 10 pounds in the process is awesome.

Pierre Plourde - Principal of George Street Middle School, Fredericton Cooking Class

Working with Mary-Ellen and John, I have progressed in leaps and bounds

I have struggled for many years to make significant positive changes in my overall health and well-being.  The cycle would look the same each time – starting out optimistic, making positive changes for a week, two weeks maybe even a month. But then things would start to slide.  I would have a little of this unhealthy food, skip the gym here and there and then “white knuckle” it for a while until I inevitably fell back into old unhealthy habits.

In the short time I have been working with Mary-Ellen and John, I have progressed in leaps and bounds.  Although I have had the support of a few different tools, their customized program was instrumental in making my successes long-term. They adjust, adapt and tailor their program so it best suites you and your particular needs.  No “one method fits all” mentality here! The program helps you to succeed, not with their agenda but with your own personal goals. I am excited for the future and all of the possibilities that it holds - possibilities that a year ago I would have never even thought were viable. They have expanded my view of possible – stretched my ideas of what I thought was feasible and sustainable.  It may sound a little corny, but they really have helped to change my life for the better and, because of them, I feel that these positive changes are going to last me a lifetime.

Christine One-on-One Coaching

It was a fun investment in our health

A great way to spend a Monday evening. We wanted to learn different ways of cooking veggies. Mary-Ellen warmly opens her home and we all worked together to cook the recipes. It was fun. We enjoyed all the recipes and are now using them at home, along with the information Mary Ellen gave us, to not only eat great food but food that is good for us. Who knew, that vegan is so much more than celery and carrots sticks. It was an investment in our health. Thank you Mary Ellen.

Susan Butterfield and Dan Nicholes Cooking Class

I’ve gained self-confidence … I approach things head on now

When I reached out to John and Mary-Ellen back in November 2018, I was lost. I had been eating vegetarian for about a year and a half at that point. I thought I was eating healthfully, but my weight kept creeping up and up. It was reaching an all-time high, so I decided to get some help. Mary-Ellen quickly set up a 1-hour skype call between myself and John. Speaking with John sparked something in me, that had been dormant for far too long. He got me excited about my food and health again. He got me thinking about my impact on the environment. He motivated me to make the switch to a WFPB lifestyle. Unfortunately, because of distance and other factors, I didn't actually get to work with John and Mary-Ellen, but I fully credit them and their passion for changing lives for MY transformation. John was so kind and gave me a list of online sources for recipes and other WFPB information, which led me to a meal planner that was exactly what I needed. Since our skype talk, I've lost 21 lbs, I've gained self-confidence, I've lost the brain fog and gained mental clarity. I don't fumble over words anymore. My anxiety is almost completely gone. I approach things head on now, whereas in the past I would run away from them. I'm even running again! I run 5-6 times a week and at least 5K at a time! My recovery from running has improved significantly! This is just the beginning for me and I am 100% positive that I wouldn't be where I am today if they didn't take the time to respond to my initial email almost a year ago.  Thank you so much!

(For more on Chris’ journey, please read his success story at Forks Over Knives.)

Chris Noel

Free One Hour Consult

Mary-Ellen is a truly engaged advocate for the well-being of both mind and body

I have had Mary-Ellen as an Instructor for Group Centergy at the Fredericton YMCA. She is a truly engaged advocate for the well-being of both mind and body. Her teaching demeanor is professional while being inclusive of all levels of ability who take her class. I really think she is an excellent instructor and I enjoyed her class very much.

Pam Barteaux - YMCA Group Fitness class participant and YMCA member Fitness Coaching

Mary-Ellen Landry & John Landry: Champions & Role Models of Optimal Health

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this special couple for many years and am always struck by their shared passion for optimal health and wellbeing. As long standing volunteers for the YMCA of Fredericton, there is no disputing this couple’s commitment to the highest of standards, service to others and love for their community.

Health role models of the highest magnitude, it’s clear to see that Mary-Ellen and John get their greatest joy from supporting others through their personal journeys of health and wellbeing.  When you connect with this couple you get a healthy dose of professionalism, passion and personality. Now that’s a winning combination!

Barb Ramsay

No more IBS or any other digestive issues! And the food tastes AMAZING!!

After both struggling with digestion issues for a number of years, we decided to ‘try’ the plant based way of life.   Initially we questioned if we could ‘do this’, John and Mary Ellen’s response: “Most certainly!!”.   They were so right!!   Our transition was much easier with their help!.   Once we learned about the ingredients of some of the food we were consuming (and we thought we were eating ‘healthy’) it was even easier!   No more IBS or any other digestive issues!  And the food tastes AMAZING!!   It is such a wonderful feeling to know that we are eating foods that will have a lasting impact on our health.  THANKS Mary Ellen & John for being so passionate and sharing your knowledge.  We are now looking forward to a lifetime of feeling better!

R & S Storey 24 Hours to Amazing Health

Nothing was more empowering then being able to say “no, I can do this”.

Reflecting on my life so far I believe my journey began when I was a young girl. I was living in a broken home with two parents who did not get along with constant fighting and bickering. I turned to food to comfort me and make me happy. For a while it did just that, until it didn't anymore.

For as long as I can remember I was always an over-weight person. I was referred to as the girl with a pretty face. My image of how I perceived myself did not match the girl starring back at me in the mirror. I began trying fad diets from a young age, I watched my carb intake, made sure I had enough protein, and ate small constricted portions. This would serve me well for a couple of months before I would slowly slip back into my old eating habits.  The truth is that these fad diets were not sustainable especially for someone who needed to lose an abundant amount of weight. I felt like a failure each time I fell of the wagon and my confidence faded.

When I turned twenty years old, I came to what I believed was my “rock bottom”. I was so unhappy with my life and felt that I would never be able to lose weight on my own. I wasn’t living life like my friends were. I restricted myself from activities, afraid of the unknown and of what people would think. I had to consider things other people my age weren’t thinking about like whether I would fit in the chair at the movies or restaurants, and if I'd find something fashionable to wear in my size.

On the verge of becoming diabetic, I turned to my family doctor who recommended bariatric surgery. I was told that my name would be placed on a waitlist and after so long I felt a little bit of hope, like this was the miracle I was waiting for. However, years passed and I continued spiraling down the all too familiar dark and lonely path. Fast forward four years - still waiting for the day my name would be called. At 24, my weight skyrocketed out of control. I was pushing 360 pounds. It was a struggle to complete simple daily tasks like bending over to put on socks or tie my shoes. Waking up every morning became more difficult and I felt like I had no purpose. In 2016, I became extremely depressed and spent an entire summer in my bedroom hiding away. At this point I had given up any hope that I would live a “normal” life.

At this point I began to develop hives all over my body. I went to see a doctor and was given a steroid cream in an effort to alleviate my pain and was popping allergy relief medication. However, nothing seemed to work. No one could tell me why I had these mystery hives and they persisted for months.

At my breaking point, I decided I needed to gain control of my life and this idea of a 'miracle surgery' began to dissipate. I did not fit into society literally, emotionally, or physically. I just wasn’t sure how I was supposed to do it. My mother's worry pushed her to begin exploring other avenues in the area where I live. She was searching for that sliver of hope I had felt years earlier not knowing that she was about to find what would be so much more. She stumbled upon SLS Health Coaching and I agreed to meet even though I had no idea what a “plant-based diet" looked like.

In October 2016, I met with Mary-Ellen and John Landry. I knew nothing about a “plant-based life-style” but for the first time I truly believed that weight loss was possible and sustainable, so I jumped in with both feet. I started one-on-one sessions with Mary-Ellen, who would come to my home and teach me how to cook plant-based. Finally, I found something that worked. I ate until I was full, did not restrict myself, and was able to create those comfort meals. Eventually I was able to incorporate exercise into my daily routine and the weight began to melt away along with some of my troubles.

Two weeks after eating plant-based my hives were completely gone. I began to have more energy, was sleeping better, felt lighter, and noticed my body changing. In March 2017 I finally got the call I thought I was looking for- to get the bariatric surgery. Nothing was more empowering then being able to say “no, I can do this”.  To date, I have successfully lost over 100 pounds and I am beginning to fit back into society. I am now running, hiking mountains, and living a healthier lifestyle in general.

I guess when I stopped blaming others and accepted where I was at, I gained clarity that I was in control and had a choice of how I wanted to live my life and what I put in my body. The truth is there is no magic cure. This will require you to work hard, change your lifestyle, attitudes and priorities. If I had any advice it would be: Don’t wait another day, jump in head first, and don’t look back. You won’t regret it.

Watch Allyson's interview with Mary-Ellen.

AllysonReilly One-on-one coaching

Now I eat to live thanks to the team at SLS Coaching

Being from a fitness and sports background I always thought I ate reasonably healthy.  Then I met John & Mary Ellen.  Wow, was I wrong.  Now I eat to live thanks to the team at SLS Coaching.

Scott Hill One-on-One Coaching

The experience with SLS exceeded all of my expectations

SLS Health Coaching provided our lawyers with a revolutionary two pronged approach of plant based nutrition and strategies to heighten mental focus.  Within weeks we have all experienced noticeable improvements to our overall health and productivity.  The experience with SLS exceeded all of my expectations.

Jamie Eddy - Managing Partner, Cox & Palmer, Fredericton Corporate Health Coaching

Their enthusiasm for health and wellness is contagious!

Mary Ellen and John Landry are a dynamic pair of knowledgeable, passionate and experienced healthy and active living champions. I have known them for a decade, and can speak to their commitment to helping others identify and reach their own goals of living a healthier lifestyle. Their enthusiasm for health and wellness is contagious!

Dr. Gabriela Tymowski - Associate Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology Fitness Coaching

Their example inspires me to keep making healthy lifestyle choices

John and Mary-Ellen make pumping weights at 6:00 am something to look forward to.  Their energy and encouragement make me believe that I too can achieve proper form with my squats and can do real "grown-up" push-ups, even when I'm laughing.  Their example inspires me to keep making healthy lifestyle choices.

Dawn DeCourcey - Retired educator and avid Y member Fitness Coaching

They make exercise fun!!! They are gifted leaders!

It has been my pleasure and privilege to take a variety of fitness classes from John and Mary Ellen over the last number of years.  They are both gifted instructors and have remarkable abilities to motivate, inspire, and encourage one to be the best they can be. They are both committed to modelling proper and safe technique...always mindful of how individuals are responding to their instruction and always available to offer assistance to correct and improve technique. And the icing on the cake...they make exercise fun!!! They are gifted leaders!  I wish them continued success in their launch of SLS Health Coaching!

Beth Clark - Group fitness participant and YMCA Member Fitness Coaching

WFPB has put me into remission with Crohn’s disease and I have been flare free for more than 5 months

The decision to go Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) for me was an easy one at the time – I had hit rock bottom with my Chronic Illness and I was finally ready to take control of my own health. Just because the decision was easy – did not mean that the process would be, or at least that is what I thought. After a mere 3 days I started to feel a change in my body, a change in my energy and most important of all I felt no pain. The first week was the most difficult – cutting out the things that I was convinced that I loved, however my love of those foods dwindled as I found new appreciation for vegetables, legumes and fruit. Things that used to upset my stomach were now fueling my body on a daily basis and soon those favorites became long lost losers! Just because you give up meat and dairy does not mean you have to give up burgers, sushi, or pizza – it simply means that you find new and exciting ways to create these things that provide flavor and nutrition for your body. I highly recommend the Smoked Sweet Potato Burger – yummmm!

The moral of my story here is – what is the harm in trying? New things can be difficult and challenge your ideals and perceptions, however more often than not when we try new things we open our minds to endless possibilities. WFPB has put me into remission with Crohn’s disease and I have been flare free for more than 5 months (I also lost 30 pounds). I cannot deny that this Lifestyle change was the reason and I hope that in sharing my story – it encourages other people to give it a try!

Desiree Sagouspe, BA

You might be interested but feeling a bit reluctant… Don’t be!

I recommend this lifestyle to everyone out there.  You might be interested but feeling a bit reluctant...  Don't be!  It's actually a lot easier than you think!  There is no other way to do it, just jump right in.  Soon you'll notice different positive things happening... For me, right away, the inflammation in my limbs disappeared, so did the eczema on my hands!  I sleep better, the pounds are continually dropping off, my energy level is through the roof ...  Not only am I feeling great but as a bonus, I'm helping global warming and not supporting the meat industry's abuse of animals!! You can do this!  Believe me you will not feel deprived... On the contrary, you'll be surprised at how satisfied your body is!  Now, I have a growing community to share recipes with.  It's wonderful! Hope you join us too.

Line Lagace-Basque 24 Hours to Amazing Health Program