Thank you Mary-Ellen – I truly enjoyed the 4-week “Let’s Cook” cooking class… the class serves as a great motivator to making life-style changes and provides unique personal cooking tips you cannot get from a cook-book and/or an app. I found myself going home and trying what we learned / discussed in creating a few new dishes to add to our routine. All the recipes were delicious/nutritious  and easier to create than I anticipated. I recommend this class (and I have) to any one who wants to eat healthier and to start a healthier life style…Thank you. Plus losing 10 pounds in the process is awesome.

Pierre Plourde, Principal of George Street Middle School, Fredericton

The most noticeable difference I have encountered since switching to a whole food, plant based lifestyle four months ago (when I started the “24 Hours to Amazing Health” program) is that I now feel more peaceful and calm. Before the switch, my digestive system would act up and this always seemed to lead to anxiety, discomfort, irritability, and fatigue. I had trouble with mood swings, blood sugar levels, and major food cravings. I am happy to say that this has been the first autumn/winter without seasonal depression. Cooking is fun again! I can eat as much as I want … guilt free! And it has been such a joy to tell friends about all the new recipes I’ve tasted. I can’t wait to have more dinner parties!

Tina LeJeune, Restaurant owner

I can’t say enough good about Mary-Ellen and John’s handling of the SLS Health Coaching process. We covered everything including how to deal positively with “eye rolling friends”, relaxation techniques, falling off the vegan wagon, reading ingredients labels, whole food sources and great recipes. We chopped together, cooked together and discussed the results. I haven’t felt this good in awhile. I have lost weight, have more energy, sleep better, joints are working better and have had a couple of pleasant surprises that I’m not going to discuss here. The whole foods plant based approach to eating isn’t a “fad diet” it is a life style that my wife and I are enjoying very much. Your body and the environment will thank you.

Mike Mesheau, Retired high school teacher

I have struggled for many years to make significant positive changes in my overall health and well being. The cycle would look the same each time – starting out optimistic, making positive changes for a week, two weeks maybe even a month. But then things would start to slide. I would have a little of this unhealthy food, skip the gym here and there and then “white knuckle” it for a while until I inevitably fell back into old unhealthy habits. In the short time I have been working with Mary-Ellen and John, I have progressed in leaps and bounds. Although I have had the support of a few different tools, their customized program was instrumental in making my successes long-term. They adjust, adapt and tailor their program so it best suites you and your particular needs. No “one method fits all” mentality here! The program helps you to succeed, not with their agenda but with your own personal goals. I am excited for the future and all of the possibilities that it holds – possibilities that a year ago I would have never even thought were viable. They have expanded my view of possible – stretched my ideas of what I thought was feasible and sustainable. It may sound a little corny, but they really have helped to change my life for the better and, because of them, I feel that these positive changes are going to last me a lifetime.

Christine, SLS member

It has been my pleasure and privilege to take a variety of fitness classes from John and Mary Ellen over the last number of years.  They are both gifted instructors and have remarkable abilities to motivate, inspire, and encourage one to be the best they can be. They are both committed to modelling proper and safe technique…always mindful of how individuals are responding to their instruction and always available to offer assistance to correct and improve technique. And the icing on the cake…they make exercise fun!!! They are gifted leaders! I wish them continued success in their launch of SLS Health Coaching!

Beth Clark, Group fitness participant and YMCA Member

I have been part of Mary Ellen’s Group Centergy class at the YMCA in Fredericton this past year. I had not taken any classes prior, so appreciated her patience for the beginners in her class. She also challenges the more advanced users, explains the movements and provides instructions in order to do them safely. I found while taking her class my flexibility increased, and the joint stiffness I had first thing in the morning was no longer there.

Cheryl, YMCA Group Fitness Participant and YMCA member

Mary Ellen and John Landry are a dynamic pair of knowledgeable, passionate and experienced healthy and active living champions. I have known them for a decade, and can speak to their commitment to helping others identify and reach their own goals of living a healthier lifestyle. Their enthusiasm for health and wellness is contagious!

Dr. Gabriela Tymowski, Associate Professor, Faculty of Kinesiology

I have had Mary Ellen as an Instructor for Group Centergy at the Fredericton YMCA. She is a truly engaged advocate for the well- being of both mind and body. Her teaching demeanor is professional while being inclusive of all levels of ability who take her class. I really think she is an excellent instructor and I enjoyed her class very much.

Pam Barteaux, YMCA Group Fitness class participant and YMCA member

Mary Ellen and John are exceptional fitness instructors.  When I go to their classes, their excellent instruction, perfect form, encouragement, enthusiasm and energy motivate me to do my very best.

Fitness class participant

John and Mary-Ellen make pumping weights at 6:00 am something to look forward to. Their energy and encouragement make me believe that I too can achieve proper form with my squats and can do real “grown-up” push-ups, even when I’m laughing. Their example inspires me to keep making healthy lifestyle choices.

Dawn DeCourcey, Retired educator and avid Y member

Being from a fitness and sports background I always thought I ate reasonably healthy.  Then I met John & Mary Ellen.  Wow, was I wrong.  Now I eat to live thanks to the team at SLS Health Coaching.

Scott Hill, SLS member