“Although heart disease and diabetes kill more people each year worldwide than all other diseases combined, these are completely preventable and even reversible for at least 95% of people today by changing our diet and lifestyle.”
Dr. Dean Ornish, MD, Author & Founder, Preventive Medicine Research Institute

Whether you’re a corporation, community group, group of friends, family, or individual, SLS Health Coaching can help you learn to make simple changes in your day-to-day lifestyle that result in amazing improvements to your health, happiness, and overall life.

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We offer a variety of services:

  • 24 Hours to Amazing Health” Programs

The SLS signature health coaching program provides everything you need to easily transition to a healthy lifestyle. The program is currently offered in three formats:

Regular: 3-month program. One 2-hour session per week for 12 weeks

Intensive: 3-week program. One 4-hour session and two 2-hour sessions per week

Health Overhaul Stat!: 3-day program. One 8-hour session per day for 3 days (Fri-Sun)

  • Corporate wellness consulting and programs

Click here to download the SLS Corporate Brochure.

  • Cooking classes
  • Lunch-and-learn workshops
  • Presentations

Amazing health comes from a focus in four areas

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1. Goal setting – what you think

  • For sustainable lifestyle behaviour changes, forget will-power. Instead, discover your WHY-power; the power within you to easily and dramatically improve your health.

2. Food – what you eat

  • You are what you eat. Learn how the typical North American, processed and refined-food diet is the leading cause of many of our diseases. Become skilled at quickly and easily preparing delicious, healthful, satisfying, and economical whole-food plant-based meals that nourish and heal.
3. Exercise – how you move

  • You will feel such an increase in energy and ease of movement that you’ll want to get up and move. We‘ll show you show!
4. Stress management – how you feel

  • Your mind and body are highly connected and one affects the other. Learn simple yet effective mindfulness techniques that will calm your mind and allow you to be more in control of your response to stress, resulting in a more enjoyable and productive life.