Rosie Morning – Health Transformation Ep.9

Carbs / Social Pressure

July 28, 2016

Carbs! We hear the word and most of us likely come up negative words like bad, refined, processed, fattening, or equate with weight gain. Not to mention the propaganda out there that continues to keep us all confused and imprinted on our minds as either good or bad. The truth of the matter on carbohydrates is explored in today’s episode where we debunk myths and set the record straight based on the best science we have and simply understanding what the body needs for fuel and so we can thrive. Hint: despite what we’ve been told, potatoes do not make us fat.  Topics we touch on in this episode: what causes type 2 diabetes, how food companies create products to get us hooked, what is the best fuel for athletes (or all of us for that matter), what does one of the strongest men on the planet eat, why are some carbs addictive, what foods are best for overall health and make weight loss a breeze.

In today’s episode we also help people navigate social pressures and social situations. After all, we do not live in a bubble where unicorns live and everyone lives in harmony where we do not challenge others on their choices. It would be great, but just not where we are at so we spend some time sharing practical tips on how to manage and be successful as well as understand why people feel  threatened with the choices we make.



Mentioned in today’s episode are a few resources that we think are just great. You can clink on the links to learn more.

Dave Carter, NFL

Dr. John McDougall

Robert Cheeke or

Forks Over Knives Plan

Dr. Doug Lisle or

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