Rosie Morning – Health Transformation Ep.4

Understanding our Food Behaviour

June 23, 2016

In this episode, Roger talks about his experiences adopting a healthier lifestyle. We help him deal with particular challenges by understanding why we behave the way we do and especially how our social behaviours are often centered on food. We discuss Roger’s “Father’s Day” weekend and the real reason he ordered what he did at the fast food drive-thru.


Our behaviours are simply a means to satisfy one or more of our basic human needs: certainty, uncertainty, love, significance, contribution, and growth (see Episode 1 for more on the six human needs). When it comes to food, we don’t necessarily crave a particular food as much as we crave the feelings we associate with the experience of eating that food. In Roger’s case, part of the experience of being with his son on Father’s Day, meant craving familiar food at a drive-thru and connecting by both eating the same meal.

When it comes to adopting a healthier way of eating, it’s more than just learning recipes. It’s about learning about yourself and why you do what you do. Self-awareness is one of the keys to success.

Roger is being very mindful of his experience. Well done Roger! You’re well on your way!

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Coming up in our next episode:
“Where do you get your calcium?” and “Diet” vs. Lifestyle – The key to long term health.
Mary-Ellen and John