Rosie Morning – Health Transformation Ep.12

Plantstock; Our Obsession with Protein; and Our Power to Save the Planet

August 25, 2016

Back fresh from our epic experience at the 5th annual “Plantstock” event in New York state, the number one event for learning and experiencing the plant-strong lifestyle, we are pumped to share the message from the world-leading experts. Click here for the Plantstock 2016 website’s list of speakers.

One important message presented at the event was the myth, held mostly by young men, that we need to eat meat to be healthy, when the reality is our obsession with meat protein is killing us.

Another crucial message that everyone needs to hear is the message we shared in our very first show on CHSR FM – that not only do our food choices affect the health of our bodies, but they also affect the health of our planet. Simply by changing what we eat, we have the power to save our planet from an impending environmental disaster. But we must use that power TODAY!



Roger has been wonderful to work with and we hope all the listeners have appreciated his honesty and openness as he’s shared his experiences over the past twelve weeks. Please understand, although we gave Roger encouragement and some guidance during these shows, he took on quite a significant lifestyle change during a demanding time in his life without the support of our full coaching services. As Roger said, it’s much easier when you make these changes with others, as he experienced during his first four weeks. We want to congratulate Roger on his success so far and the resulting improvements he’s enjoying in his life. For Roger and anyone else choosing healthier lifestyle behaviours, please remember that although there may be slip-ups, just don’t give up.

As mentioned on the show, we have several programs and other ways we can provide support to anyone looking to adopt a whole-foods plant-based lifestyle. Please check out our website Events page for details and feel free to contact us.


Mary-Ellen and John