Rosie Morning – Health Transformation Ep.11

Compassion Creates EASY Healthy Food Choices

August 18, 2016

Eating healthfully, using a plant-based diet, is within our control in our own homes, but what happens when we step outside of our homes? How do we manage successfully? What further information we can learn that could make it a “no-brainer” and easy to choose from a menu at a restaurant or at a social gathering? The answers are in this important and compassionate exchange we have with Roger, Tammie, and the CHSR listening community.

In this week’s episode, we start the conversation with why we gravitate to the sizzling sound and the enticing aroma of bacon cooking at a family vacation and what pulls us back towards foods we used to know. We also explore the harsh reality of the use of animals as food. Mary-Ellen and John share their up-close and personal experiences of how allowing ourselves to be open to the pain and suffering of these animals makes it easy to choose an animal-free diet which is not only healthy for our bodies but also healthy for our souls.


We highly recommend the work of Dr. Melanie Joy who has spent her career as a psychologist understanding our relationship, or lack there of, with those animals we consider to be food, clothing, or family. In her book “Why we Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows”, she examines the behaviour of eating meat, or, as she calls it, “carnism”, and the myths of the Three Ns of Justification: that its normal, natural, and necessary. It’s pretty powerful stuff. and

If you would like to see what really goes on in the meat industry, we recommend a short (12 minute) documentary from Mercy for Animals called “From Farm to Fridge”. This documentary is very powerful but it is also very graphic (we do not recommended this for children).

Other links relevant to today’s show that we think are just great include:

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Our experience at Plant-Stock 2016.
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