Rosie Morning – Health Transformation Ep.10

Guest: Tina LeJeune – Restaurant owner and healthy vegan

August 4, 2016

This episode we are joined by Tina LeJeune, co-owner of two Fredericton restaurants: Isaac’s Way and The Abbey Café and Gallery.

We first met Tina a year ago when she joined our “24 Hours to Amazing Health” program in September 2015, along with her teenage daughter and her mother. Tina’s main reason for taking our program was because her daughter, then eating vegetarian, wanted to start eating vegan, and Tina, being a caring parent, wanted to learn how to do so in a healthy way. Not only did the three of them gain the knowledge to live a healthy vegan lifestyle, but Tina experienced many unexpected but wonderful health gains (click here to read her testimonial).

We discuss the restaurants and, in particular, how The Abbey with its primarily vegan menu has become a restaurant of choice for anyone who simply wants great, delicious food. We also talk about the important role parents play in helping their children learn to enjoy cooking and become knowledgeable about healthy “vegan” eating. And, of course we talk about lots more. Click below to have a listen…



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Managing your whole-food plant-based way of life outside of your home.
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